Classic 2T Pre Mix 4L (4x4l)

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Synthetic Ester SAE 40 2-Stroke and Rotary Engine Oil. A unique ashless synthetic blend for motocross, enduro, trials, classic and aviation 2T engines which require a tank mix oil. Also very suitable for motorcycle and aviation rotary motors. It is ideal for use in engines which are used seasonally or infrequently, as CLASSIC 2T PREMIX leaves a coating on all internal surfaces to prevent corrosion. Its ashless additive system and high ester synthetic content ensure clean burning and freedom from plug fouling from low speed to full throttle. CLASSIC 2T PREMIX is recommended for use at ratios from 2 to 3% in fuel (from 50 parts fuel : 1 part oil to 33 parts fuel : 1 part oil). It is compatible with standard pump fuels and 100LL Avgas. Users are advised to follow engine manufacturers' oil and mix recommendations. For classic and vintage engines, consult marque specialists.
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Product group2-stroke oils
Manufacturer part number601232824