Engine Ice Radiatorfluid 1,9L (55-070)

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When old man winter comes calling, you need extreme

protection from freezing as well as the heat dissipation of a

premium coolant. Engine Ice Hi-Performance Snowmobile &

Winter Coolant and Antifreeze gives you the best of both

worlds. With boil-over protection to +125°C and freeze

protection to -42°C, Engine Ice has you covered. Perfect for

snowmobiles, snow bikes, UTVs, or anywhere you need the

extra low protection. And it still offers the excellent heat

dispersion properties that Engine Ice has always provided.

Engine Ice is easy to use in the convenient 1,9L bottle.

Pre-mixed to save you time, choose Engine Ice when you

make your next coolant change.

,Engine Ice is a coolant that lowers the engine's operating temperature
even down to 10 ° C! Colder engine gives bigger
effect and protects against damage that overheating can cause.
Special problems from the tendency of 4-strokes to boil
decreases markedly with Engine Ice coolant.
Engine Ice is also more environmentally friendly than traditional coolants.
It does not contain environmentally hazardous substances but
is made from Propylene glycol, deionized water and is
completely degradable in the environment. Propylene glycol contains a lot
fewer harmful substances than ethylene glycol than other manufacturers
uses. At the same time, it protects the engine's radiator system
from acidification and prevents excess substances from sticking
in the radiator system. In addition, Engine Ice's freezing point is -42 ° C.
Environmental friendliness, less damage and even more effect!
Jeremy McGrath,James Stewarts, Chad Reeds and many other elite drivers
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ManufacturerEngine Ice
Manufacturer part numberTYDS-008