TESSERACT Atv box CFMoto Z8 (010_059_00 )

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The case is created according to the size of UTV luggage compartment so it fits perfectly and fills all the space.
This UTV box comes with the set of quick release fasteners. It will take no more than 1 min to mount or remove it. The design of the case allows to achieve maximum proofness - the cover is set tightly on the box and presses the rubber seal.
The case chords well with UTV design, does not interfere with the rear view and does not point out your vehicle. This UTV box is one-of-a-kind and has no analogues in the world.
The volume of the case allows you to store 5 helmets and many other accessories for off-road exploration.
2 metal lockers with keys ensure the safety of your belongings.
On the top of the UTV box, there is a special site for 2 branded 5-liter CFMOTO jerry cans. Moulding reinforced hinges easily withstand the weight of a massive cover and two canisters.
Stiffeners bring out the modern design of the box and increase its durability.,
  • Made of sturdy material

  • Water repellent

  • Lockable

  • Size: 980 x 550 x 475 mm

  • Weight: 10,62 KG

  • Volume: 177L

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Product groupHard cases
Manufacturer part numberGKA Atv box CFMoto Z8