Five Glove TFX1 Gore-Tex Black/Fluo yellow

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Topside: Water-repellent stretch and RipStop fabric construction for weatherproofing and comfort.
Palm: full-grain goat leather for suppleness, and digitalized leather reinforcement at contact points for optimal grip in wet weather, and wide SuperFabric® protective reinforcement that covers the thenar
eminence and the hypothenar.
GORE-TEX® Grip breathable, weatherproof membrane molded to the lining on the palm side.
ERGO PROTECH® one-piece metacarpophalangeal protective shell in soft TPR.
Memory-foam and TPR reinforcement on the back of the hand.

Phalangeal protective elements in soft TPR on the index and middle fingers.
Forearm protection with a thick, semi-soft TPR 3D shell.
Wide SuperFabric® reinforcement on the little and ring fingers.
Anti-twist accordion strap between the little and ring fingers so your fingers dont get pulled apart if you fall (a
FIVE innovation).
Comfort gusset on the index and middle-finger joints.
Outside seaming on the fingers.
Memory-foam reinforcements on the thumb and palm.
Silicone print on the palm for improved grip.
Inner lining featuring map-style silk-screened design.
Stretch V-shape and Velcro® dual-construction closure system with gripper tab, one on the wrist and the other on the sleeve, for perfect fit.
Pull & Ride tab for easy on/off.
3D reflective patches.
Clear Vision Pad visor-cleaning system on the left-hand side.
Touch Screen system (index finger and thumb) for handling electronic devices.

When you head off to into uncharted territory at the wheel of a machine made to devour thousands of miles, its only right to expect the finest in comfort, safety, and durability. This is exactly what youll get from the TFX1, a brand-new style in the FIVE Trail Adventure range and our premium offering in this category. It includes materials and a design that make it the ultimate in grand touring equipment. Its digitalized full-grain goat leather palm construction, and a topside that combines water-repellent stretch fabric and RipStop, give it a level of comfort and toughness that are essential for long days on the road. Exceptional fit, a true FIVE hallmark, is in full effect here. Its GORE-TEX® breathable/weatherproof
membrane bonded to the palm liner and leather shell keeps you perfectly protected from bad weather (including driving rain), with maximum sensitivity at the controls. The TFX1 has all you need in terms of protective elements, without hindering your movements when you ride, including a large SuperFabric® insert inside the palm, all the way through to the outer fingers, to protect you if you take a spill, without interfering with proper grip, or its new ERGO PROTECH® shell in semi-soft TPR. Its dual-fastening system with a V-shaped band and Velcro® allows for ultra-precise adjustment over or underneath the sleeve of your jacket. Featuring Clear Vision Pad visor-cleaning and Touch Screen systems, the TFX1 always keeps you in control of your navigational devices. Its technical qualities and cutting-edge design are sure to satisfy those who cant imagine heading off on a long road trip without the right equipment and who want nothing less than the very best!
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