Snowmobile Rental - Rovaniemi / Finland

We rent single or double seated premium snowmobiles. You can drive on your own without a guide. The snowmobiles have visual GPS maps and we have an large network of snowmobile routes. We are located in Northern Finland - Lapland, Rovaniemi, Sinettä.

Enjoy the beautiful arctic nature on a snowmobile! We are located in Sinettä, about 18km north from Rovaniemi, close to the main road to Kittilä. You can take a trip to the Santa Claus village, around the city of Rovaniemi, or north - we have official snowmobile tracks in all directions. On the daytime, you can see more of the forest and views, and when it's dark it's possible to see the Northern Lights. The snowmobiles are equipped with powerful LED lights. We have all necessary clothing and driving gear and we will help to plan a trip, or you can drive where you want unplanned. We will provide maps and a GPS with snowmobile tracks. For a family with children, we can attach covered sleds behind the snowmobile.

Ski-Doo Freeride

Ski-Doo Freeride 850 154" 2019 - 2 snowmobiles with 1 or 2 person seat setup

Powerful crossover snowmobile. Top of the line suspension. Incredibly powerful if needed but controllable at small speeds too.

• Powerful 850cc Rotax E-TEC 2-stroke engine, ca.170hp, REV® Gen4 -chassis
• Electric start
• KYB front suspension, Rear suspension tMotion, KYB Pro 40

Ski-Doo MXZ Iron Dog

Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS Irondog Racing 2019 - snowmobile for 1 person

The ultimate single driver trail / enduro racing sled. The new quick revving 600 cc engine delivers snappy performance and sharp handling. Extremely fun on trails! The Irondog has won several long-distance races and is a legend in the snowmobile industry. Now with a new chassis and powerful engine, it's easier than ever for any level of drivers to enjoy sporty driving on snow.

• Powerful 600cc Rotax E-TEC 2-stroke engine0, REV® Gen4 -chassis
• Easy hand pull start
• Air front suspension, FOX Float 3 EVOL RC2, Rear suspension rMotion, FOX Zero 2.0

Base fee +Hour price
150€ 25€

(Price for 1 or 2-seat configuration, including clothing, GPS and maps.)

Phone / Whatsapp: +358 400 893 438

• Less than 5 hour reservations hours preferably between 08-13:00 and 14-19:00
• Ask a quote for rentals longer than one day!

• Price do not include fuel; the snowmobile is rented and returned with a full tank. We have a gas station nearby
• Payment by cash (credit cards possible too)
• Maximum kilometers for full day: 150km, excessive kilometers: 0,80€ / km

Rental price includes:

• Route planning, driving and safety instructions
• Driving gear, jacket/pants/suit + helmets and goggles
• GPS on snowmobile with snowmobile routes
• 2 stroke oil is included in 1 day rentals.
• Full personal insurance for driver, passenger and 3rd party


These are powerful snowmobiles and they require basic skills to control the them. We will instruct you how to drive. Especially on longer trip we recommend that you have previous driving experience. If you have driven ATV's (4-wheel terrain), motorcycles, water jets etc. you have better skills already. If you are unsure you can handle this kind of vehicles we do not recommend driving yourself. Also, if you have no previous experience of this kind of vehicles, we do not recommend having a passanger with you. The driver has full responsibility for his/hers own and others safety.

• A drivers license is required (any country car/motorcycle)
• All snowmobiles have full insurance for driver, passenger and 3rd party injuries. 
• The snowmobiles are equipped with tracking devices if we need to find you
• Northern Finland is 95% covered for mobile phones, the nearby area is 100% covered
• The snowmobiles have the latest safety technology
• We reserve the right to limit speed and power if needed for your own safety.


• 1200€ euros liability on snowmobile damages
• Liability is charged 100% immediatly, unless its clear that the damages are smaller and immediatly replacable.
• Illegal driving or driving against our terms: 100% liability


We are located in Sinettä; 18 km from Rovaniemi towards Kittilä
Address: PROGEARMOTO, Rinteenlenkki 14, 97220 Sinettä. You can easily find us with navigations apps.
We have a gas station nearby, location is in the snowmobile GPS map.
You can park you car here.


We have groomer serviced snowmobile tracks toward all directions. The river goes directly to Rovaniemi. You can visit the Santa Claus village for example on roundtrip, ca. 70km and 3-4 hours. We will help with trip planning!


• Bring your own underwear and warm layering (we have extra layering too)
• We have jackets, pants, monosuits, gloves and boots
• We have most sizes from S - XL, ask in advance for special sizes.
• Helmets are motocross type or visor type, face masks / balaclavas are included
• Boots that are made for snowmobiling 
• Protective gear available also if needed


We have a 4 bedroom house available for rent also, suitable for up to 6-8 persons. See the link below for more information. You can book trough / airbnb or call / email us directly. Snowmobile renting is 300m from the house, or we can arrange snowmobiles + clothing at the house!

PP House at
PP House at AIRBNB


• The driver must be over 18 years old and a driver licence is obligatory
• You can only drive on official snowmobile tracks - we have plenty of the around us!
• The renter can only drive the snowmobile
• The snowmobile cannot be taken outside Finland
• Laws apply to snowmobiling - the renter is responsible for understanding the laws
• Snowmobiles cannot be driven outside official snowmobile routes
• Snowmobile are not allowed to operate under the influence of alcohol or other drugs,
the same basic regulations are as with driving cars.
• Driving outside routes requires the permission of the land owner
• Any damages resulting from illegal driving is 100% liable to the renter
•  liability damages are charged according the the snowmobile manufacturer parts 
pricelist + hourly repair charges. If the damages cannot be repaired in 3 days we will charge the full liability due to downtime.


More information here: Snowmobile regulations, safety and etiquette



Larger maps: 
Go to: Map layers -> Routes -> Snowmobile tracks and routes

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