Motobatt Hybrid battery MHT14B4

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Motobatt Hybrid goes beyond limits of both lithium battery and lead acid battery, by ACHIEVES THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF BOTH WHILE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL OEM CHARGING SYSTEMS.

MFlex (Multiple & Flexible Terminal)
-Adjustable terminal options
-Solid and tied wire connection
-Copper terminals provide superior conductivity

MHT (Motobatt Hybrid Technology)
-Outstanding cranking power
-Longer life cycle
-Faster charging time
-Safer and more stable
-Constant cranking in all weather

HP (High Performance Design)
-Over-charge protection
-Over-discharge protection
-Dynamic cell balancing
-Temperature control

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)
-Recovers rapidly
-Plate designed for powersports
-Vibration resistant

Motobatt Hybrid vs Lead Acid Battery

-90% STRONGER in cranking power
-30% LIGHTER in weight
-500% LONGER in life cycle
-50% LOWER in self-discharge rate
-FASTER in charging time
-CONSTANT cranking in cold weather
-PROTECTION against over-charging, over-discharging and heat

Motobatt Hybrid vs Lithium battery

-Compatible with OEM charging systems
-200% MORE in Amp Hour Capacity
-Temperature stable
-LONGER life cycle
-STRONGER cranking in cold weather
-ADAPTABLE to lead acid charger
-MORE electronic connections,Motobatt Hybrid is a revolution in everyday use Battery Technology achieving the best performance of both Lead Acid and Lithium chemistry.
1+1=3 Designed by Smart Fusion Technology (SFT), Motobatt Hybrid goes beyond the limits of both Lithium and lead acid chemistries, in a sense to achieve the very best performance of both.

Combining multiple benefits superior to the time proven Lead Acid battery, while negatating the unfriendly and expensive downsides of a Lithium battery, Motobatt Hybrid combined the two for truly impressive results.
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Product groupLithium battery
Manufacturer part numberMHT14B4