Oxford HotGrips Premium Adventure

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The grips have ergonomically engineered surface structures to optimise riding performance. Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear, rhombus tread pattern for vibration absorption, 5² block siped tread patterns for high levels of grip and fee, diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required and waffle matrix for finger grip.

_x0007_ 5 heat settings
_x0007_ Battery saving mode
_x0007_ Switch technology
_x0007_ Rainproof switch
_x0007_ Draws under 4A

_x0007_ 2 x Hotgrips
_x0007_ 1 x intelligent heat control
_x0007_ 1 x metal bracket and fittings for mounting the heat controller
_x0007_ 1 x wiring loom, cable ties and grip glue
_x0007_ 1 x instruction booklet and warranty form
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Product groupHand grip warmers
Manufacturer part numberOF690